FRESH CAVENDISH BANANA   Banana is one of main exported fruit of Vietnam in general and TMT FOODS in particular. In recent years, Vietnam step by step invest in technology with Philiphin become one of Asia’s largest exporter of banana. There are some type of banana on Vietnam including: Cavendish, Laba, Pisang Mas…But Cavendish banana is exported with largest quantity....

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    FRESH GINGER There are 2 types of ginger to be grown in Vietnam including: Fat and thin. But fat ginger is exported with largest quantity. It is suited in the market needs. Now Ginger farms have area of 100 ha, And we also league with farmers, buy their final products. Every month we have exported 25-30 containers over the world. There are Korea, Russia, UAE, EU, Singapore… TMT...

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    FRESH LONGAN Longan fruit is also called Long Nhãn (means Dragon Eye in Vietnamese language), abundant in many provinces in the Viet Nam. Known as a close relative to the lychee, this fruit is also tiny (about 2 cm in diameter) with a brownish brittle covering. The peel can be easily removed by hand, usually by pressing its tip with the thumb and index finger. Once a part of...

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    FRESH RAMBUTAN   The Rambutan is also unofficially known as Hairy Cherry because of the soft, fleshy hair-like projections around its covering which appears green or yellow, and turns red as the fruit ripens. Such name is derived from a Malaysian word ‘rambut’, meaning hair, of where the fruit originally grows. Well-cultivated in Vietnam after the fruit was introduced...

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    FRESH PINEAPPLE   Pineapple is one of main exported fruit of TMT FOODS JSC. It is suited with alkaline soil but the taste and aroma, pineapple is often used as fresh, a beverage and food processing industry. Currently, the market is growing pineapples in the world. There are 3 varieties of pineapple to be grown in Vietnam including: Queen, Cayen, MD2… But Queen pineapple...

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      FRESH MANGO   Though widely grown in the country’s Southern provinces, mangoes are most abundant between March to May, known as Vietnam’s mango season. The country grows many different varieties of this fruit, of which the Cat mango (Ben Cat mango), Tuong mango (elephant mango) and Xiem mango (Siamese mango) are the most popular. Each variety has a unique...

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    Depending on the species, guava can be of tomato size or as large as 13 cm in diameter. To eat: use a knife to slice the fruit lengthwise into 4-6 pieces, slice off the part containing the seeds; the kin is bitter but edible. Guava is often ready to eat when it is green and crisp. The flesh is crunchy much like eating a slice of apple. The taste is pleasant with mildly acidic flavour....

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    FRESH LIME Lime is a good source of vitamin C in abundance.  There are countless other uses as: Prevent and cure osteoarthritis, skincare, the feel, reduces cholesterol, processed bites or insect bites, …. Fresh seedless lime or fresh seedless lemon in Vietnam is very high quality and competitive price. TMT FOODS JSC provides seedless lime in bulk, goods export standards...

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    FRESH DRAGON FRUIT Dragon fruit is a common fruit, everywhere present, all four seasons with the price is very soft and suitable. Dragon fruit is listed on the List of the "super foods" with a number of health benefits and high nutritional value. Although it is not a "panacea" but it is a delicious nutritious fruit. Dragon fruit can be eaten raw, cooked or jam. Average,...

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